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January 6th, 2012

Bluetooth Mouse Problems in Windows 7

It’s been several years already since I bought my first Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 for my personal laptop (HP Compaq 8510w) and during all of this time it has worked flawlessly. Recently I decided to buy (the latest version of) the same mouse for my work laptop (HP ProBook 6550b) and that’s when the problems began – it used to stop working with or without being used, with old or new batteries, after a short or a long period – no pattern at all! The issue proved to be quite easy to fix but it took some time to solve. I hope this one will help save your laptop a few hits.
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December 2nd, 2008

Virtual PC 2007 on a Laptop

This post is something like a reminder to myself. It is something I’ve found in several blog posts in the Internet but I’d like to share it as well…

Some time ago I decided to do my development in virtual machines so I could easily reinstall my boxes and/or migrate my work to another PC. I’ve tried different solutions and I decided to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Unfortunately I’ve always had problems with the guest operating system being not as responsive as expected when hosted on my laptops. At first I thought it was my laptop configuration (HP Compaq nc6320) but after I bought a new one (HP Compaq 8510w) nothing changed compared to my old one. It seemed like some power management issue (it was like the processor was downclocking although the virtual machine was active) but playing with the Power Options didn’t help. My simple (but really ugly) workaround was to keep the processors busy by running some BOINC projects.

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