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August 7th, 2009

I’ve Got an MP3 Virus

A friend of mine called me today to inform me that Avast has found a virus in a file I sent her yesterday. I was a bit confused because I am very careful about what software I download, install and run on my computer. So I don’t think I need any anti-virus software. What shocked me most was that the file was actually an MP3. I considered this almost impossible as it suggests that an exploitable MP3 decoders (still) exist and a harmful MP3 file would trick it to execute malicious code…. and maybe crash. Well WinAMP seemes to play this file correctly with no fuzzy sounds (the bits of malicious code?)! Isn’t that something like infecting a nice photo with a virus or so?! iCaci and I had a nice laugh about that but I decided to run the ESET Online Scanner to check whether I have any viruses or not. Suprise!

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