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January 6th, 2012 by Valery Dachev

Bluetooth Mouse Problems in Windows 7

It’s been several years already since I bought my first Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 for my personal laptop (HP Compaq 8510w) and during all of this time it has worked flawlessly. Recently I decided to buy (the latest version of) the same mouse for my work laptop (HP ProBook 6550b) and that’s when the problems began – it used to stop working with or without being used, with old or new batteries, after a short or a long period – no pattern at all! The issue proved to be quite easy to fix but it took some time to solve. I hope this one will help save your laptop a few hits.

At first, I thought it was the batteries, so I changed them – same shit! Secondly, I thought it was the new mouse, so I tried the old one on the same laptop. Nothing changed – kept stopping. As soft restarts used to make the mouse working for some time, I thought it was not a faulty hardware issue. I had an idea – power saving! Switched the power plan from “Balanced” to “High performance”. No change. I also tried the advanced power options for the plan but couldn’t find anything related. “Device Manager” is the right place for the solution:

  1. Open “Device Manager” (Start > “Search programs and files” > Type “Device Manager” > Hit[Enter]. Haha!)
  2. Expand “Bluetooth Radios”
  3. Double-click on the Bluetooth adapter (not the enumerator)
  4. Choose the “Power Management” tab
  5. Disable the f*ckin’ “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
  6. Enjoy!

I guess this could make your Bluetooth drain your battery a bit faster but still it is worth it!

Well… After all it seems to be a hardware issue in the laptop itself as it appears on my HP Compaq 8510w workstation but does not on the HP ProBook 6550b. So, HP, thank you for the inconvenience!


5 Responses to “Bluetooth Mouse Problems in Windows 7”
  1. Conner says

    You are the man! Thanks buckets.

  2. OMG… My *new* bluetooth mouse was driving me crazy! I am so glad I stumbled on your blog! You rock!

  3. You are the man saving my life !!!

  4. John Doe says

    Thank you so much. In my case, I had to turn off power management for USB hubs the dongle was plugged into not the Bluetooth Device

  5. Amazing – you just saved me from the verge of insanity – your site is helping people years after the original post – greatly appreciated!

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