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August 1st, 2009 by Valery Dachev

Recent Changes

As some of my readers have probably noticed my website underwent various changes recently. I got pissed off the previous design and decided to change it with something more fresh and functional. The most of my website was also built with a simple content management system I wrote by myself using the PRADO PHP Framework. However it was a headache to change its templates accordingly in order to match the appearance of my blog so I just got rid of it. I also removed some obsolete (and a few dumb) pages and converted the rest to WordPress static pages and are still available. I have also changed some of the content to new URLs (although I am about to support the old URLs for some time). FeedBurner feed was also moved from to Update your bookmarks please!

More changes are about to happen as soon as I have the time to do them. Here is the plan:

  • Transfer old Guestbook entries as comments to the the current Guestbook pages (English and Bulgarian);
  • Share some sources (C#, PHP, C, etc.) as they may be helpful to someone;
  • Add recent photos to my blog;
  • Publish a CV;
  • Once again try to increase the regularity of my blog posts;
  • Bring back AdSense; :)
  • Try to listen to any recommendation not to do so. :)

Well… that’s it! :)


2 Responses to “Recent Changes”
  1. Noooo, AdSense in the RSS feed. You capitalist bast’ad! :P

  2. @iCaci: You just gave me a great idea! :P

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