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October 29th, 2008 by Valery Dachev

IBM eServer xSeries 360

One of the servers co-located at Online Bulgaria that I used to take care of was a relatively old IBM @Server xSeries 360 (machine type 8686-1RX, specification). Unfortunately after a series of hardware issues it completely crashed. I informed the owner of the server and what he told me was: “Oh, I expected that. Just give it away to the hosting company!”. My reaction was something like: “What?! Are you nuts?! It’s a computer – a human being! And you are just going to give it away?! No way!”. So I took it and brought it to our office for inspection. It was not an easy task as it weights about 32 kg but I somehow did it.

There are some things that really impressed me in that machine. Yeah, maybe all that stuff is normal for a server but I’m really not into this business so… In the first place it was the configuration itself – four Xeon processors, three hot-swap hard drives, three hot-swap power supplies, six hot-swap fans, individual VRMs for each processor and the memory board… and the best one – IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter. This fabulous device is like a mini-computer plugged in a special slot on the board and it integrates completely with the server – gives you a web- or telnet-based interface for complete machine maintenance (accessing the keyboard and the display, (re)booting, upgrading firmwares, various sensor information, watchdogs, e-mail notifications…). VNC/telnet access the physical console is a “dream come true”!

Unfortunately this incredible seems out of support – a device with this machine type and serial number does not exist in IBM’s database (weird, huh?). And it seems the motherboard is blown out – Icaci and I spent almost a whole afternoon in disassembling various parts and just refuses to boot – no beeps, no LEDs blinking. Completely dead! :( I was told IBM’s original motherboard for such machines cost at least $1’000 which is a price I would not afford even for this peace of hardware. I found cheap machines of this type in the Internet but buying one would cost me incredible transportation fees (remember the 32 kg weight? :)).

So any idea on where a spare motherboard could be found for a reasonable price? I’m giving away a few beers for useful information on that… :)


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  1. Здрасти Валери,

    Поста е доста стар, но понеже го видях още тогава и ммам аналогичен проблем с един HP DL380 G3, реших да драсна 2-3 реда. И ние стигнахме до същия извод. Дъно, каквито има много в ebay, както и цели машини. Но разходите ще са убийствени. От форума на hwbg, където icaci е член, попаднах на една фирма в Бургас – За съжаление са една генерация назад поне за моя сървър, като гледам и за твоя, но на мен ми обещаха ако им попадне нещо на разумна цена да ми драснат два реда. Така че ако искаш попитай и ти.
    Ако искаш махни линка, да не правим излишна реклама, преди да ни свършат работа :)


  2. @JustNick: Публикацията верно е стара, но все още актуална. :) Истината е, че в си намерих въпросното дъно на прилична цена – излезе общо около 110 паунда, от които около 30 бяха за доставката. За съжаление обаче пощите (този път кралските) се изложиха много брутално и дъното така и не дойде, а фирмата трябваше да направи refund на поръчката. Мисълта ми е, че само за дъното доставката не е толкова зор. Може би просто обаче трябваше да използвам някой познат, който да ми го донесе, за да не се загуби по пътя.
    А колкото до фирмата, ще я пробвам обезателно, благодаря! :)

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