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July 20th, 2008 by Valery Dachev

iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 Jailbreak

It’s been only ten days since the official release of iPhone 3G and the new 1.2.0 firmware (for both 1st and 2nd generation iPhones). Last night the iPhone Dev Team has made an unofficial announcement of the availability of the new version of their Pwnage Tool – 2.0. An official announcement will be released shortly on their website.

Note that Pwnage Tool runs on MAC OS only but its Windows derivate – WinPWN is expected to be released very soon. You should also note that the tools works with the following devices with 1.2.0 (also known as 2.0) firmware:

  • iPhone 1st generation (w/ unlock);
  • iPhone 2nd generation (w/o unlock);
  • iPod Touch.

So iPhone 2nd generation unlock is still not available but is expected in future Pwnage Tool releases.

Naturally the download site went down almost immediately and a few mirrors were set up:

During the long awaited iPhone 2.0 unlock I came across some interesting websites to bookmark:

  • – The iPhone Dev Team unofficial blog – an interesting source of iPhone Dev Team news;
  • – Geohot’s iPhone blog – the guy that originally hacked the iPhone has created a place to share his advanced experience in hacking the iPhone;
  • – iPhone Linux – a project aimed at getting rid of Apple’s software on this fabulous piece of hardware. If you are able to contribute to this project, please do so!;

I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and get my hands on iCaci‘s MacBook! :)

Thanks to all who helped for this Pwnage Tool release!


12 Responses to “iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 Jailbreak”
  1. It’s MacBook (w/o the space) and you must have your hands washed first ;)

  2. @iCaci: You know I will wash them before getting them on your laptop. More importantly I will wash them as soon as I get them off it. :-P

  3. Ahaaa, so you wash your hands in secret after each time you talk on your iPhone :P

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  5. jessica says

    ok. i need help. i need to find a nice person who can help me understand all this jailbreaking stuff.

    here are the details:
    -i have windows xp

    -i purchased ipod touch last october so that makes it a 1st generation.

    -ipod touch is 8gigs.

    -i never paid attention to the firmware but i did upgrade to 2.0 this week. and then i found out about all this jailbreaking, dev team, pwnage, winpwn, etc.

    -i realized i’ve been using such a boring itouch for the past months. i feel dumb now and want to experience the true potential of an ipodtouch.

    now. these are the things im not too farmilar with..
    -if i have an ipod touch, does that mean i dont need to/ cant unlock it coz its not a phone?

    -what do these “mirrors” do?

    -if i do pwn it like your method above, will i be able to run app store AND d/l applications for free such as super monkeyball, this customizer thing (for ipod themes, etc), tetris, etc without paying or anything?

    -and if i do get these free applicaitons through installing them directly on ipod touch for free, when i sync it to itunes, what happens? everything will stay the same? wont the itunes recognize somethigns weird here?..

    ok please pardon my lack of knowledge in all this jailbreaking. never done it before and dont want to risk any bricking of my itouch lol. just want to noe the basics before i attempt to do anything..

    so please help me out here. (: greatly appreciated

  6. @jessica: Straight to your questions…

    • firmware – a set of programs built in your device;
    • 1st/2nd generation – There are no 2nd generation of iPod Touchs yet. There’s an upgrade in the firmware only – from version 1.1.2 to version 1.2.0. There are 2nd generation of iPhones thou that are also referred as iPhone 3G (there is a built-in 3G GSM network support);
    • Unlocking – It’s the procedure of enabling the iPhone for use with any GSM operator. iPhones are by default locked to a certain set of operators who have contracts with Apple. As your iPod Touch has no GSM functionality at all you have nothing to unlock;
    • Jailbreaking – It’s the procedure of taking full control over your device. App Store is the only official way to install applications on your device but not all of the iPod Touch/iPhone applications are available there (as many of them do not conform to Apple’s terms). If you want to be able to install even more software on your device you have to jailbreak it. In fact App Store is a great source of applications so if you don’t need more applications than those available there you’d better not get into this jailbreaking stuff. iPod Touch users used to jailbreak their devices because there was no App Store in firmware versions prior to 1.2.0;
    • mirrors – “Mirrors” are servers that make a shadow copy of the original files and give you an alternative download location in case the primary download servers fail;
    • The method described in the following post (actually) is designed for iPhone only (as the custom firmware mentioned in it is an iPhone firmware – there are differences). You’d better wait for some time for the new version of WinPWN to be released.. if you insist on jailbreaking your iPod Touch. Jailbreaking gives you the ability to install extra applications from sources different from App Store, but it doesn’t make non-free applications free. In fact there are many free applications there. Unfortunately Super Monkeyball is not one of them;
    • iTunes doesn’t break applications installed with Cyndia (the additional installer available on jailbroken iPhones/iPod Touches) unless you Restore your device. Custom firmwares used for jailbreaking devices are designed so that the current versions of iTunes do not detect weird stuff :);

    My personal advice to you is to wait for the availability of WinPWN 2.0 or find a friend with MacBook or any other computer with MAC OS and use the Pwnage Tool on it to jailbreak your iPod Touch. In fact there are currently not many applications in Cyndia so you won’t benefit much with jailbreaking your device at the moment. So you’d better wait a bit…

  7. redesign website says

    jailbreak these iphones with 2.0.2 version isnt out yet but im still waitn.

  8. @redesign_website: Jailbreak option for 2.0.2 firmware under Windows already exists. Take a look at this blog post for more information.

  9. I tried jailbreaking my ipod touch the other day with quickpwn but it didnt work :( It kept saying that quickpwn encounterd a problem and closed.

  10. QuickPwn worked very well for me, i recommend it. It’s very easy

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  12. Use Quickpwn, very easy to understand and it’s a straight forward jailbreak :) I love my custom themes and apps!

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