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August 24th, 2006 by Valery Dachev

Чантата, шапката, гащите

Я-я-я-я-я вземи си чантата, шапката, гащите,
и-и-и-и-и кажи на майка си…
… къде зимуват раците. ;)

P.S.: В друга ситуация щяха да са Megadeth – “1000 Times Goodbye” само заради заглавието. Но е толкова неподходяща, че няма накъде… :)


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  1. Like you don't know who I am... says

    Hey. Sorry for just disapperaing last night. I lost my net connectiion and it looks like it will be gone for a while, because I’m changing things up.
    So I won’t be online for a while. Currently I am online from a coffee shop………

    So, hugs, and I’ll ttyl.

    ~ the one and only ME

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