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July 11th, 2006 by Valery Dachev

Blog Changes

In the very beginning of this post I want to declare I don’t think of my blog as a media. There’re much more interesting and useful ones. I’ve been blogging exclusively for my own pleasure and I feel a bit uncomfortable to even write this entry. That’s why I’ve been always trying not to address my readers (even though I know the most of them by name). That was OK for the most of my posts. However it turned out to be a problem with my technicial entries. I realised that it’s not like talking to myself – I’m sharing some experience – something aimed to the readers that are interested in those things.

There’re many new and interesting things I’ve been going into these days during my work on different projects. Meanwhile I’ve been preparing some entries about PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, etc.. However this is not the type of entries most of the readers of my Bulgarian would read – they expect it to be more personal as the most of those people know me face-to-face. On the other side – those who are really into the technicial stuff are literate enough to read about it in (broken) English.

So here’s what I am going to do: I’m about to turn my Bulgarian blog into something closer to a diary and I will keep the technicial posts for my English one. As a benefit I will not double my efforts by translating the half of my crap and I’ll make my English blog (and myself, respectively) much more attractive and popular (to Google). :-)

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