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September 15th, 2005 by Valery Dachev


It’s been long time since my last post. The summer is almost over. Too many things happened to even summarize them. I’ll just highlight the most impressive ones.

Black Sabbath, Sofia, June 23th.
I was amazed by Ozzy‘s presence on stage and how almost 60 years old man makes people go insane. They really blew our heads off. The concert took place on Lokomotiv stadium and the band was initially introduced by a very popular Bulgarian rock band called Ahat. Both the songs and the sound were close to perfect. Zakk Wylde took the microphone, but his performance was much more boring than Ahat’s. It was the first time I listened to him and, I hope, the last. We had to wait some time to see the lights go down and hear the first notes of “N.I.B.”. The show started. Headbanging, slam dancing, crowd surfing, nice chicks, loud music, loads of water and sweat, flying bottles… “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, “Black Sabbath”, “The Wizard”, “Devil Woman”… At 23:40 the show was over and I was out of breath and voice… People started going out under the sounds of “Changes”… But, Mama, I was going home…

July Morning, Bourgas, July 1st.
Drago and I took off to Bourgas on June 30th by train. We were met by Yavor, Miros and Petya and hurried up to eat something (we had eaten everything duting the ride). After that we went to the beach, but the weather was going rainy, so we hid under the bridge (in a matter of fact, it’s not a bridge – it’s a quay). There were many different groups of people there – metals, rockers, punks, local bitches looking for the next one… The atmosphere was tense and right after the rain was over we went to the same place we were last year – the Samba bar. We were listening to well-known music from that last 30 years. It seemed that I know almost all of them and I kept dancing and singing on the beach all night long. We were waiting for the sun. As the traditions decree, we took off our clothes and jumped into the water to swim in the sunpath while the DJ was playing Uriah Heep’s “July Morning”. There are some incredible photos I’ve made ! It’s worth taking a look. :)

DAVID Holding, Sofia, 11th July.
I signed a contract for a half-time job. I had been working for this company since I was 17 as a freelancer. However, I have to much to do in the office, so I had to be here full-time. So, now I have an agreement for a full-time worker.

Currently, I’m looking for an apartment to live in and I have only 10 days to find one. After that, I’ll have to leave the hostel I live in now. Fortunately, I’ll have to spend the whole October in Kazanlak. We’re starting work on a large project for our municipalities based on Microsoft SharePoint. It seems I’ll have to write code in C# which is not that bad, but I’ll obviously have to get used to using Windows. Bleh :-P

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