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May 25th, 2005 by Valery Dachev

Being Away

Current Music: System of a Down – “Radio-Video”
Current Mood: drowsy

I’ve been offline these days. My Russian grandma came to visit us and we spent the last weekend crossing South Bulgaria. I hadn’t been in Haskovo for about two years and it hasn’t changed much – same shit. I’m sorry. It’s just not my type of city. Kazanlak and Sofia aren’t, too, be cool. However, we did it to Perperikon. It’s a historical hill located in East Rodopi, 40km south of Haskovo. Ruins of two civilizations – victims of time. Signs of past lives. Resurrections in a fantasy. Gentle winter swishes through the trees. I’m planning a photoblog…

I used the time to take a breath. I realised the mistakes I used to make over and over again and yesterday. I hurt people, but I don’t want to. Somebody said that “memory is what makes us recognize our mistakes, after we’ve went over them”. Well, I think I recognized them… once again… I’m sorry.

I feel thankful about people who understand me and who help me understand myself…

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