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May 3rd, 2005 by Valery Dachev

Long Time No Write :)

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post and many things happened during this period. Many people disappointed me again, and others had the inappropriate approach to me. There were a few ones who helped me go through these things and I appreciate that. I did hurt some who don’t deserve that, but I decided to do it now instead of doing so later.

I began studying Java. There’re some things (the garbage collector and the lack of functionality to explicitly free used memory) I don’t like there, but I’m certainly impressed. Bruce Eckel‘s “Thinking in Java” is the perfect choice for every beginner in Java programming and in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in general. Actually, I my first program was the famous “Hello, World !” and the second working one was a simple neural network for solving the AND and OR problems. I’m trying to make a small class library and a XML parser to read neural network’s description from a NNML file, so I can experiment with it. I wonder if I could do so in C++ to cover my faculty classes.

There’re holidays in Bulgaria (and all the orthodox world) these days. I spent the last weekend with my relatives in Kazanlak and Boyadjik. Although the trips to Kazanlak and back to Sofia are not short ones, they were fun. People often say I’m a driveller. They’re right. And I’m proud of it.

Oh… I gotta go… I have to buy a birthday present for my sister’s boyfriend. Yuck !

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