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April 21st, 2005 by Valery Dachev


Current Music: Riverside – “In Two Minds”
Current Mood: nostalgia
Current Weather: gloomy, rainy
Weather Forecast: warm, shiny

My mood changes dynamically these days. Just an hour and a half ago I was smiled and enthusiastic. It’s strange there’s nothing I need to change at the moment, but something makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I’m came to the conclusion it’s result by me (being a perfectionist) and unperfect things around and inside of me. I get out of balance easily and restore it without putting my mind on others. Although I often sacrifice a lot, I wouldn’t change that.

Today was a planned day: I got up right on time, went to my faculty and finished all the exercises I had go (earlier than expected), played darts and went to Iva for a short pancake afternoon. The only thing I haven’t planned, but I’ll certainly do today is to go to Stroeja to spand some time with Brum and Ada…

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