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April 14th, 2005 by Valery Dachev


Yes… disappointed. I’m disappointed by most of the people that used to be around me, when I was still in Kazanlak. As the time passes Iliyan is getting more and more cocky; Lalev is always mad on someone/something; and I don’t speak to Kameliya at all. I’m also disappointed by the company I work for, respectively by most of the people there. Unfortunately, this means there’re not many people left who deserve my attention. However, I couldn’t call the ones I wanted to. I went to Stara Zagora on Saturday to meet Nelly (I promised her about a year ago and it was high time to do it). It was strange that strolling through the town and the park near it (known as Ayazmo) made me feel sad. I recall the time spent with Nadya about two years ago – long walks, nice talks… the past – lost… and maybe forgotten. Maybe I’ll write a letter just to remind her about my existence.

We were at Iliyan’s birthday party on Saturday. I knew it was not going to be that entertaining as it used to be. However, I liked the time I spent talking to Silviya. Furthermore, she shares my vision of life to a great degree. Vesko and I left the party at about 3:30 AM, but we had been talking about people relations for about 40 min. in front of our block. His honesty and sensibility make him one of the people I need around…

Fortunately, the trainride back to Sofia with Drago, Vesko and Galin was fun…

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