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April 8th, 2005 by Valery Dachev

Living on The Run

Yesterday I spent most of the time walking with Beni through the parks of Sofia. Beni (known as Boo) has always been so understanding in spite of her age. The weather was warm and shiny, and we choose the right place in Boris’ Garden for a picnic. After about an hour we decided to go where skaters usually are, to Baba Yaga and then back to the lilies pond. Heh, there was a dog taking a shower while his owners were trying to get him out of there. We decided to go to South Park (No, not that one !), but we didn’t get there. Instead we sat down in the park behind Hilton to take a rest for a while. Afterwards I accompanied Beni to the bus stop. I met Plamen Tonev. He offered me to go to jumping with bungee, but I don’t feel like commiting a suicide. I didn’t want to go home that early, so I went to Iva to see how she was feeling and to the darts club afterwards. I stayed there for about three hours (until my hand began to hurt) and went home…

I think I don’t get enough sleep these days. Last night, for example – I went to bed at about 3:30 AM and woke up as soon as the alarm rang – at 6:10 AM. I had a nice trip with Drago and Miros (Yavor’s girlfriend) – we made the other four people in our compartment go nuts :-P.

So, here I am in Kazanlak trying to get some rest. I think I’ll go to play Darts with Drago tomorrow, although I broke one of my darts. Hopefully, we’ll find a place where we can play. But today I’m staying at home. Some people’s behaviour really starts to piss me off… and I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable at Iliyan’s birthday… and in their company at all…

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