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April 6th, 2005 by Valery Dachev


Well…. I obviously migrated from Serendipity to WordPress. I exported all records in RSS and imported them into WordPress. However the script needed a few touches. Publications are exported from Serendipity with some symbols (>, < and so on) replaced by their corresponding representation, but the reverse procedure is not done during the import process. Additionally, the post IDs were in a reversed order, too. The category names were reencoded (instead of being left in UTF-8 encoding) due to some reason. The greatest loss were the comments ! :( But… for motherland, for Stalin… I went through it. An incredible remake of the links in the publications followed, as well as the emoticons, which appear as images when exported from Serendipity. I’m mad I passed through all the 130 records by hand, when I could just apply a set ot regular expressions on the file. I’m an idiot. That’s it ! Remaking the chosen theme follows. Mission accomplished.

P.S. Localisation is what has left :).

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