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April 4th, 2005 by Valery Dachev

Give Me a Reason

My dear diary (Isn’t that the way children start their writings?)… I was late for the Specializing Practice in Solid-State Physics and I arrived almost in the end of it. So it took us only about half an hour (I should take 4 hours) to finish everything. I was hungry and hurried for the café. It was a nice surprise to see Alicia at work. She seems to be there every vacation. Alicia is one of those people who make your day – always kind and charming. That’s why I used to go to my faculty in the Summer, just to see that really recharging smile. Nothing special. This week at least I’ll have a reason to go the faculty…

… I lost of a bit of my enthusiasm today when I learned that my colleague Stefan will give up studying in the faculty (Victor keeps saying so). I try not to believe it and I still hope it’s a Fools’ Day joke. Stefan seemed to be the most serious among us (he was about to graduate in Germany). It’s a bit senseless for it’s the last term in university. I really hope there’s not some family problem. I suppose now it will be only two of us, who will be visiting lectures.

There’s another strange thing I came over right after I came back home. According to an online publication in Dnevnik, Bulgarian government refuses to take care of yet another Bulgarian abroad. Nikolay Barovsky is in a Greek prison without even being charged with anything. Our politics remained silent. Isn’t it the same as the drama with the Bulgarian medics in Libya?

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